Wood Floor Tile

The Wood Floor Tile has been around for a while, and hardwood flooring has been around for ages.  Popularity increase of wood look tiling is recently increasing due to significantly better manufacturing processes. The creation of a more “natural appearing wood tile” type system was an excellent advancement for the market.  This type of tiling is significantly better than wood in so many ways.

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 In comparison to actual wood flooring, Wood Floor Tile is more durable.  It will not easily scratch, chip, dent, crack, shrink, fade, gouge or warp like natural hardwood flooring does.  Having this type of tile in high traffic family atmospheres with children and pets makes Wood Look Tile Flooring ideal.  Don’t stress about getting any highly visible stains on wood look tiling. Wood look tiling makes the most sense around areas where moisture is.  It handles higher levels of moisture with ease in comparison to real natural wood.  This makes it the best choice for bathrooms, laundry rooms, and shower areas. Wood Floor Tile is a highly sustainable material, and will have that great new tile luster for up to 25 yrs.  If an accident happens chip or crack a wood look tile, the replacement and repair process for that tile is significantly less expensive and a lot less time consuming than installing new tongue and groove hardwood.  Wood look tiling removes the need to match the exact same stain and clear coating that repairing natural wood floors require.  

Its significantly cheaper to have wood tile flooring installed than it is to have the real hardwood flooring installing. Not only does it last longer, it’s way cheaper to maintain, cheaper to repair and won’t fade as quick as the wood staining on a real hardwood floor would.  

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Just like real hardwood floors, Wood Look Tile Flooring comes in a wide variety of different textures, colors, finishes and shapes. Unlike Slate, Wood look tiling comes in a ceramic material that it is cools off quickly. A nice cool floor is a great attribute to have in our hot Scottsdale weather.  Installation of this tile on “slab over grade” similar to most homes in Arizona, is the ideal foundation for the installation of this tiling system.

If you install wood look tiling, you should have an extra box of the material on hand, in the instance that a tile becomes chipped, cracked, or loose.  That makes it easy to assure the same design and look will be part of the repair like the original tiles.  Typically trends have been changing every ten to twenty years.  We recommend choosing a more timeless appearance like wood tile floor colors for your next tile replacement or upgrade.  Tile Installation Scottsdale has installed lots of wood tile flooring systems, and we expect this trend to increase even more in popularity over the next few years.  Call us for a free quote on wood look tile flooring today!

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