An Unexpected Trip to Scottsdale, Arizona

Some of Scottsdale, AZ Tourist Locations

Do you know those lavish travel destinations that just seem over the top? There’s no way these are made for youthful and extravagant travelers like us. That’s what I and my friends went through. The group of four, Zack, Shawn, Cathy and I, how could we go to Scottsdale?

It is more for mature travelers, those rich one-percenters. That’s how we imagined Scottsdale to be. This city in Arizona is full of luxurious resorts; we even imagine fancy golf courses where rich people might meet. But to our surprise, it is a city that has a lot to offer! It is not just about sophistication, but it is full of zestful art, flamboyancy, food, and adventures.

  • Our Plan To Raid!

My friends and I are not very wealthy, but we wanted to try something unique and crazy. Why not raise some noise on Scottsdale? That’s what we thought, and the idea that I proposed out of the blue, turned into the baseline of our adventure prospect. So we started to research how we could afford Scottsdale!

Did you know that Scottsdale is one of the places with rich sunlight? It receives sunshine for almost 300 days of the year! Why’s that important? That makes it a year-round destination. It’s true that summertime can go way beyond 100 degrees (42 degrees celsius), but it is very bearable! There is no humidity, and while people prefer the winter season, we knew to get cheap deals, mid-summer was the best time!

  • The Adventure Begins!

It might sound like a bizarre idea, but Sonoran Desert of Scottsdale is a great hiking location! We explored over 30,000 acres of the desert region; It was a good idea to spend our morning doing so because noon would’ve gotten unbearable. Sure, it was a great experience, but something I’m not a fan of.

Now Salt River? That was my cup of tea! Oh, it was full of adventure! I decided to immediately opt for a kayaking trip across the river to spot some wild horses. Not only that, I even had a fun horse riding experience. Do you think that’s all this place has in store for the visitors? Here’s a crazy idea, my friend Zack and Shawn are more about exploration, but Cathy and I love enthralling activities.

So we even opted for mountain biking, and hot air balloon ride located at Hot Air Balloon Ride Scottsdale – Aerogelic Ballooning, 526 N 74th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85257. Phone: (480) 991-4260. Zack is a photographer, and the hot air balloon certainly gave him a panoramic view of some of the fascinating clicks of his lifetime. On our way back, we decided to end our adventure with rock climbing. Shawn is not gifted athletically, so he was exhausted. Let’s be honest; he was here for something fancier. That was next on our list!

  • Food, Wine And Fine Dine!

To our surprise, Scottsdale was full of exquisite and independent restaurants. It offers you almost everything, like The Mission’s tacos, Craft’s Pizza, Hula’s Hawaiian food and much more. Believe me; I was glutton for Scottsdale’s restaurants. If you had seen me before this trip, you could’ve sworn that I had put up some weight.

Shawn is a wine lover, and grapes can be grown in Arizona. That’s right! It is full of wineries and vineyards. Shawn loved Aridus Wine and LDV Winery personally. However, Salvatore Vineyards also gave us a sophisticated tasting tour. It would seem like Shawn admired these places, and we were surprised by their sparkling flavors that just resonated with our soul.

  • An Awestruck Experience

Frankly? We came to wreak some havoc on the seemingly sophisticated city of Scottsdale. But much to our surprise, we saw an entirely different side of the place. The one full of art and wonders. This shows that this place is nothing like the stereotypes we were raised to believe! No matter what, you have to explore and experience each destination by yourself, that’s what makes it truly beautiful!  If you’re into more indoor stuff, check out Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art!