Travertine Floor Tile

Travertine flooring has increased in popularity within the last few years.  It’s one of the natural stones most desired common house-hold tile system.  The tiling’s popularity rose a lot from the home makeover shows as seen often on cable TV networks.  The demand for this great flooring tile is going up, and so does the production demands for the material.  As the output goes way up ahead of the orders, the price of Travertine tile begins to fall.  That’s excellent news for Tile Installation Scottsdale customers.

Travertine Tile Installer in Scottsdale Arizona

There’s a great reason for Travertine Floor Tile’s popularity on home improvement shows.  The many benefits of picking Travertine Floor Tile for your home improvement upgrade is based on the durability and aesthetic beauty. Travertine floor tile is perfect for flooring and some wall coverings inside the home.  Similar type appearance to Marble coloration, Travertine costs on average, half as much!  Great news is that Travertine Tiling is super durable, and it’s used in a wide variety of applications.  Its non-slip characteristic makes this tile a good option for use as a pool deck surfaces as well.

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Travertine Floor Tile

Travertine flooring has good thermal characteristics, and will help out with your heating and cooling bills.  Coming in at the middle of the natural tiling price range, Travertine tiling installations are quite heavy versus other tiling options and cumbersome to install.  Call Tile Installation Scottsdale to get an estimate for your Travertine tile installation! 

 The versatile Travertine Floor Tile makes it an ideal choice for a lot of homeowners.  Its relaxed charm of natural colors is among the oldest color schemes in existence.  Travertine material brings that feeling of the outdoors to the indoors for a cohesive blend.  Travertine has that aged appearance and look.  This allows the tiling system to be replaced or repaired with ease because it blends in so beautifully well.  Highly buffed and polished tiles like ceramic tiling, are significantly more prone to showing abrasion and scratches. The natural-finish of Travertine however, is significantly scratch resistant.  It can be easily cut and fit to make small tight tile installations.  Travertine’s a little porous, and mean it will have a little more maintenance required than the average tile.

Travertine Tile Installer in Scottsdale Arizona

Tile Installation Scottsdale uses a two-part process for sealing during the process of Travertine installation.  A normal penetrating sealer is used to fill in all the small pores. Then, we use a surface barrier sealing agent after the grout and thinset are fully cured and dried. 

Travertine Tile Installer in Scottsdale Arizona

 If a spill happens on Travertine, it’s best for someone to clean up the spill as quickly as possible.  Travertine by nature is more susceptible to staining because of the open pores, but our installation team reduces this natural-attribute because of our installation procedure and processes.  Travertine doesn’t make a good countertop because of its texture and permeable properties.  It reacts adversely to acidic substances and will degrade the surface prematurely if its exposed to acidic drinks and food for very long.

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