Stone Floor Tile

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Within the last ten years, Stone Floor Tile has gradually gained more popularity.  A lot of these systems are found in bathroom or shower flooring, and backsplashes.  Stone flooring and tiling is very natural looking and super beautiful.  These great tiling options will always withstand constant water because these pebbles originated from natural brooks, streams, rivers, and lakes.

Stone pebbles texture or stone pebbles background for interior

Stone tiling comes in a wide variety of sizes, stone colors, and work in many different decor environments.  Natural Stone Flooring is made from 100% all natural pebbles, and it’s strongly recommended to use as a flooring character improvement.  This material has an outstanding application for shower walls, shower floors, bathtub trim, bathtub walls, and full bathroom floor installations. Using highly polished and shiny pebbles as flooring is not recommend due to it’s unnatural level of artificial polish process that poses a high risk of slipping and safety hazards.  The same safety hazard is apparent when polished tiling was used as a flooring system around pools and spas.  Tile Installation Scottsdale has installed lots of pebble and stone floor systems outside of homes for use on dry patio areas.  They’re absolutely stunning to look at, and it adds an element of natural waterway landscape that complements an otherwise desert landscaping design.

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Pebble and Stone natural tile systems range from an average of $10.00 per sq ft. up to $20.00 per sq ft.  There are so many different shapes, styles, and colors to choose from when looking to purchase a stone floor tile system for your home or bathroom.  Tile Installation Scottsdale will provide the products necessary to help you make an educated decision, so you can feel great about what style and colors are going to be installed.  Let us help bring the feel of the outdoors into your home. Experience the tranquility and peace of a pebble and stone floor system in your bathroom. Call today!