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All natural Slate flooring is unique and quite dense.  Its density allows it to also be very strong, have superior durability, be resistant against chipping, scratching, cracking and breaking.  It doesn’t need to be sealed on a regular basis to protect it from staining, and it will look amazing for decades if it is cared for.  Slate, much like Marble and Quartzite, is one of those timeless tiling options that never go out of style or become outdated.  Slate comes in a variety of different shapes and colors.

Naturally forming Slate mean the floor tile will become a completely unique system every time we have it installed.  A natural and unique, one-of-a-kind beauty is imparted into every single Slate floor or wall we install.  Although Slate is more expensive than ceramic to install, it’s also a very big plus when adding to the resale equity in your home.  Real Slate tiling in a kitchen or bathroom, adds to that “wow” factor and makes the space feel rich!  If something happens to slate tile, it is fairly easy to have the floor restored to it’s installation appearance.  Similar to all tiling projects, be sure to have extra tiling added to the project to assure replacement tile will match in the future. 

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Unlike marble tiling, one of the Slate tile attributes is retaining heat very well.  Slate flooring in your home will keep it warmer during the chilly Scottsdale winter months.  There’s a wide variety of color schemes and option available when choosing the perfect slate combination.  The Slate colors mix and wash within their designs, or there’s options available that take a more uniform and fixed color.  Seemingly endless options are available, and its no secret why these naturally unique Slate materials are considered timeless.  Slate like the other natural forming materials, are more expensive than the clay fired tiles.  If you’re meticulous about keeping things nice, your floors will be no exception with natural Slate.  Slate is a bit more porous similar to that of Travertine.  Check out more available options here.

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 Tile Installation Scottsdale seals all Slate upon installation with subsurface sealing agents, and we use a final surface barrier to protect against potential stains.  We advise higher traffic areas to have a periodic application of surface tile sealant applied. 

Grout areas are the most susceptible areas to mildew and stains.  These Grout lines will need to be protected on a regular basis, and they can be replaced without having to have the entire floor system re-installed.  Because of Slate’s weight, it can take us a bit longer to complete the installation process.  Typically, we do not recommend installation of Slate on second floor (or higher) installations due to the weight load it imposes on the building or home.  The characteristic of slate tile makes it difficult to plan a particular style around sample pieces that are provided.  The easiest way to find the best Slate tile is to come shopping with us!

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