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Porcelain is a form of ceramic flooring which is much stronger, more pure, more dense, and water resistant than it’s ceramic counterpart.  Durability levels of porcelain put this tile material in the category with the most robust floor tile options on the market.  It’s high density, resistance to significant impact, and solid structure lends itself to common installation in commercial applications.  The level of durability porcelain tiling has, puts this material in range of 4-5 PEI rating.  This range means its very suitable for high volume foot traffic, or commercial walkways and halls.  The stain resistance level of Porcelain is very high. Porcelain floor tile is glazed, and that makes it virtually impossible for stains or discoloration to form on the tile surface.

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Porcelain Tile Installer in Scottsdale Arizona

 Based on the density of Porcelain, it has an exceptional ability to repel water. Its ability to repellent liquids is significantly higher than most of the other tiling materials available today.  This allows Porcelain to keep and maintain its very low-maintenance appeal. All spills that are still a fluid liquid can be picked up with nothing more than a damp towel. If the spill dries completely, a bucket of mild dish soap and warm water is more than enough to disinfect and remove most substances.

Porcelain Tile Installer in Scottsdale Arizona

Tile Installation Scottsdale installs porcelain systems that’ll save a lot on replacement and maintenance costs. When calculating long term effectiveness and costs of a tiling installation, Porcelain is a cost effect tile system.  Porcelain is also fire proof.  This mean it will help stop the spread of fire from transferring through the tiling system itself. It is very beneficial in commercial bathroom on both the floors as well as the walls.  We consistently recommend purchasing a few extra boxes of tiling along with the project, and be sure put it somewhere safe. This recommendation is to have matching tiling to install in the even that one gets damaged over the years.  Normal. maintenance like sweeping and mopping will keep this system looking beautiful and brand new.  To install Porcelain, it can be time consuming.  Porcelain is heavy, slow to cut, and prone to chipping prior to installation.

Porcelain material is dense, heavy, and installation of this material on engineered structures requires engineering approval.  The initial expense of porcelain can be quite costly, but its advantages from a maintenance aspect make it an ideal flooring system to install. Generally speaking Porcelain floor tile surpasses all other tile or material options in its price range, requires very little maintenance, and lasts for decades.

  A plan should be in place to allow for extra time during the installation process.  Porcelain itself is quite impervious to mold, moisture, and mildew.  However, grout is used to seal the joints and lines between the tiling.  Grout is susceptible to deterioration, so extra care and maintenance is required to keep the grout sealed over the years.

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