Medieval Times Dinner And Tournament- An Experience Of A Lifetime

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Having exhausted most of the dining places in our locality, my boyfriend and I were constantly on the lookout for a new place. Our search ended with the discovery of Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament (located at 9051 East Vía de Ventura, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Phone: (480) 291-7555), where we had the date of our lives. I still cherish those memories for the surreal experience the place provided. It was like being on a date in the medieval era. We were in love and surrounded by knights in shining armor- a dream come true!

  • What To Expect

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament are located in nine different locations in the United States of America, so you can choose the one that works the best for you. We visited the one in Scottsdale, and it was absolutely mind-blowing. Be prepared to be blown away by the architecture because they are built in the forms of castles. This is the best place to visit if you would like to watch a staged play or musical along with your dinner. Here you will have the opportunity to witness medieval-style games, jousting, and sword-fighting. My boyfriend is a sword-fighting enthusiast, so we planned our visit accordingly.

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is any food lover’s paradise because of the excellent food that they serve. We were served a four-course meal, which was perfectly timed with the swords fighting show.

  • Things To Not Miss Out

Even though all the food is of excellent quality but we especially liked the tomato bisque soup. So make sure you try that out. We also enjoyed our share of ‘castle dessert,’ which left us completely satiated.

Make sure that you also feed on their garlic bread, sweet-buttered corn, and an herb-basted potato. Be assured of the food quality because you will be treated like royals and fed in the same manner.

This is also the perfect place to dine at for the Vegetarians because of the wholesome vegetable menu, which includes hummus, pita bread, carrots and celery sticks, roasted tomato coupled with three-bean stew.

I’d recommend you to order a round of Medieval Times beer to go with your food and show.

  • Book Your Tickets In Time To Have The Most Luxurious Experience

The best part about this place is that you can pre-book your tickets and customize them as per your desire. Some people opt for Priority Castle Access, which must make for a great experience. We booked the ticket for ‘VIP First Row All Section Seating,’ to make sure that we have the most blissful time. If you are willing to spend, you could book Royalty Package, which is bound to leave you completely mesmerized.

This experience comes alive with a group of people, so you might want to consider the place for your parties and even company events.

Most of the time, the place offers a lot of discounts, so make sure that you frequently check their website before you decide to book your tickets.

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament gives the offer of dining like no other and is definitely worth a shot, but if you’re not into that type of atmosphere, there are a lot of other restaurants in Scottsdale to consider.

Scottsdale Arizona Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
Scottsdale AZ Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament