McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Classic trains of historical significance!

Fun and excitement with amazing trains for the train enthusiasts

It was Chloe who suggested that we should go to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park located at: 7301 E Indian Bend Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Phone: (480) 312-2312. According to her, since we were already in the city, it would be a loss not to visit the Railroad Park. Honestly, it seemed like a childish plan to me. Who would want to be at a place just to see little trains? I tried persuading her to visit a fancy restaurant instead, but she had already made up her mind, and it was impossible to change that. Hence, we went to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park.

A Good Idea After All

This park was no joke, mind you.  As soon as we reached the place, I figured why it created such hype among the tourists. Located at the heart of Scottsdale, this park stretches across a massive 30 acres! I had never seen anything like it in the whole of Arizona. Chloe wanted to start our visit with a ride on the Paradise and Pacific Railroad, and it was, to my surprise, so much fun! I got to choose the next one, so I opted for the vintage Allan Herschell carousel. This miniature replica of the Colorado narrow gauge railroad takes you all around the park. Believe me when I say it as it was the best thing we had been on in ages. The good news is that all of these rides didn’t cost us much.

A Birthday Party In The Railroad Cars

I was starving after all these rides, so we walked around looking for the perfect spot to have our packed lunch. It kind of felt like an unexpected trip until we stumbled upon the picnic area. We didn’t waste another second. In less than an hour, Chloe and I were walking around the park after a refreshing lunch. It was during this walk that we spotted a small crowd near the railroad cars. When we went a little closer, we found out that it was a birthday party for a little girl named Carla. That came as a surprise to both of us. One of the regular visitors told us that such events were common in the park, and it seemed like a pretty interesting fact to me.

Exploring The History

Soon we were in a place where they displayed various model railroad train exhibits. It was so systematic and well-arranged that we decided to hang around for a while. There were no entry charges at all to witness these exhibits. After a while, we reached the place where they showcased all the full-size Pullman cars driven by the US Presidents. This was not free of cost, but it was worth a visit. Chloe and I captured numerous pictures of us in these hallways owing to the architectural beauty of the whole place.

An Unbelievable Experience

Although I had agreed to come to this place half-heartedly, I have to admit, and this was a refreshing experience for both of us. It was amazing to watch so many antique things together all at once. McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is an absolute stunner and hits home for the train lovers and the outdoorsy people. We had a great time in the museum, and the food there was economical. Chloe is already determined to visit this place again with her little cousins next time. It was, after all, an enjoyable experience.