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Marble flooring has been called the Eight Wonder of the World for many centuries.  It’s perhaps one of the most elegant of all bathroom and kitchen flooring material.  Excavated and mined from mountainsides, Marble is cut into great slabs.  These enormous slabs are trimmed down to size, in order to better serve the construction industry demands.  Marble floors have been the preferred choice and staple of materials for many Kings and Queens throughout history.  Marble flooring installed in a kitchen creates an aura of a fine culinary performance happening.  Marble’s a natural material, and along with natural materials comes unique hues, original designs, and shades of artistic character.  Once the Marble slabs are cut into smaller pieces, it’s virtually impossible to make a matching correlation of these independent tile pieces.  The same is true for other natural stone tiles, such as granite flooring.

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Marble Tile Installer in Scottsdale Arizona
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To bring to life Marble material, it helps to polish the surface on a schedule.  The vibrant colors will begin to glow and shimmer due to it’s translucent material makeup.  Light penetrates the surface of Marble and illuminates some of the minerals beneath the surface, which gives off that iridescent type glow.  Marble flooring is an all natural product, it’ll not cause an impact on the environment when its disposed of later in the future.  However, Marble isn’t cheap when being compared to other floor tile material in its class.

Marble Tile Installer in Scottsdale Arizona

Marble will cost upwards to $10/Sq Ft for the material alone, and the installations will see significant price increase if the project requires a custom design, mosaic or other fancy inlays.  Marble’s best characteristics are noticeable when it’s well polished, and as a result they tend to become very slippery.  Since slipping hazards are quite common with Marble, we recommend having area rugs with rubber matting on the bottom to maintain a good footing position.  Marble. having a highly reflective surface, means its more likely to have visible scratches.  We advise all of our customers to exercise great care when moving furniture over Marble.

 Having food or drink of higher acidic levels that spill on Marble can be problematic.  Stains are a little more difficult to remove.  A Marble floor installation is one of the more difficult types to install or replace.

If you have old Marble that is need of major repair, we recommend sealing and tiling over it.  Marble is more costly to install than other systems, and will require routine maintenance every 6 – 12 months.  If you have the mindset to keep everything looking perfect, then a marble flooring system will be super impressive.  Marble has that “wow factor”, and Tile Installation Scottsdale is here to help you with the design process. We’ll help you creating a great tiling system for your business or home today!  Give Tile Installation Scottsdale a call today!

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