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One of the oldest most dense natural material you can purchase is Granite.  Granite floor tile is incredibly strong, glittery, and dependable.  It looks great in commercial hallways, offices floors, reception areas, laundry rooms, kitchens, and other high traffic places.

Tile Granite and Countertops

Floor tile made from Granite, is usually available in a shimmery black with gold or silver crystal flakes near it’s surface.  Its a great look in homes, offices, high rise buildings, and retail store areas.  Quartz (not to be confused with quartzite) and Feldspar create a bond to give Granite that amazing glittery floor look.  Granite flooring is highly resistant to stains.  Its not an issue to clean up after spills that have been left on it, even if its been there for over day.  Granite’s natural design is created by the cooling of liquified magma under extreme pressure over many years.  A new Granite space will definitely impress your friends, clients, and family.  Granite has that natural scratch resistant ability as well, and that makes Granite one of the best options for low maintenance tile systems.

Tile Installation Scottsdale has installed countertops made of Granite, pool deck inlays, kitchen surfaces, outdoor porches, and sunroom flooring.  The nice thing about Granite floor tile in Scottsdale, is that it doesn’t fade in sunlight.  Due to the unusual material properties of Granite, it makes a superior conductor of heat, which means the flooring inherently feels cooler.  Granite flooring is extremely heavy and requires a bit of preparation before any installation process can start.  Granite flooring a very time consuming process to install, and we recommend planning a solid schedule around the installation procedure.

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The Granite floor maintenance requires a very little amount of care.  To clean up spills in a few minutes, one can easily remove them without worry of staining the material.  If a stain happens, it’s quite easy to remove it using a poultice. It’ll be sufficient for consumers to routinely clean Granite using hot water and dish soap. We do recommend resealing the surface once a year in high traffic environments.  Most Granite countertops will be competitively priced within other high-end countertop options.  A superb option with a noticeable appeal in any kitchen would be the installation of Granite because it’s an eye catcher!

Having Granite kitchen surfaces comes with even better characteristics over most of the other countertops.  Granite countertops transmit heat very effectively.  If a hot dish or plate is placed on Granite countertop, the heat transfers very quickly. This quality of heat transfer inherently starts drawing the heat from a dish much more rapidly than a normal kitchen countertop.  We strongly recommend using a hot pad or wooden heat coasters to prevent the heat loss.  Discoloration can happen to granite if there is repeatedly placed hot dishes in the same place.  Don’t be worried about these heat marks on the counter if that happens. There’s products available to homeowners that can be used to restore a Granite countertop’s color back to it’s natural beauty.

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Granite is all natural, and it comes in many different designs and colors.  A current trend in granite color schemes is typically surrounding the color white.  White Granite makes rooms appear much bigger and have more over-all space.  Granite in the color White works perfectly when paired with almost every color scheme and imaginable design.  Granite will help raise the value of a home, reduce bacteria growth in humid areas, and lower the amount of visible dust.  You’ll love seeing less fingerprints because the white color hides the appearance of the dust, even though it may still be present.  Call us for information on our gorgeous Granite flooring and Granite countertops.