Desert Botanical Garden near Scottsdale, Arizona.  Amazing beauty of exotic flowers and plants!

One of the most beautiful places with exquisite plants in the Scottsdale area!

Desert Botanical Garden located at: 1201 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ 85008, takes the classic activity of taking a walk in the park to another level. If you’re tired of visiting the same parks and want to have a truly wonderful experience walking through paths of rare flora, this is the place for you. This was the experience we had when I visited with my friends Matthew and Hayley.

Remember a situation when you couldn’t decide on a place to go to because all of your friends want to go to different places? This was one of those situations. Since we could not come to an agreement, we wrote down every possible place to visit in the locality on chits of paper, and by luck, we ended up deciding on Desert Botanical Garden. On our way to this place, no one could remember writing its name. So we sat in silence, not knowing what was going to come next. At that time, none of us knew that we were about to have an experience of a lifetime.

A Walk In The Park

We arrived around 4 PM in the evening, and after a brisk walk to the ticketing counter, we bought a ticket for 25 dollars each. Although none of us had spoken a word, we looked at each other for a brief moment, even more, skeptical of the evening we had ahead of us. However, as we entered the park, our enthusiasm returned.

We were greeted by an extraordinary view of lush green trees and exotic flowers in different colors when Matthew audibly murmured, “It’s not that bad.” Without missing a beat, Hayley exclaimed, “Are you kidding? It’s great!” With five different trails to choose from, each with its own theme, it was almost funny how fast we agreed on the Butterfly Trail. We went on our merry way, reading every sign that came. The weather was pleasantly warm, and there was plenty of shade on our way where we would sit down once in a while. As we walked on, we came across countless mesmerizing butterflies hovering above flowers.

Then the gift shop appeared in our view. Hayley hurried into the gift shop as we walked behind her. The gift shop was a little on the expensive side, but the items they were selling were definitely unique. I chuckled to myself, thinking about how it paralleled the Botanical Garden. After window shopping for a while, we made our way out of the gift shop.

Watching The Sunset close to home

We walked for a good 2 hours, and on our way, we passed an art exhibit, a bunch of recycled plastic animals, and snack bars. It had started to get dimmer around 7 PM, and we rushed to look for a place to enjoy the sunset. After running around for a few minutes, I saw Matthew sitting on the ground, looking directly towards the hue-filled western sky. Shortly after, Hayley sat down next to him. As I sat next to him, the skies were painted red, and the sun came closer to the horizon. An overwhelming feeling swept over me, and we were silent again for what seemed like a long time. Before we left, we all agreed to see another sunset only from the trails of Tom’s Thumb next.